Basement Connection

Private Property Program

City of West Allis Basement Connection Project

"It was easy working with all of the various players, including the people from the City of West Allis, the plumbing company and MMSD. I appreciate the expertise that everyone involved with the project exercised. The sump pump and the rain garden installation went smoothly. I highly recommend to everyone offered this project to take part. I look forward to the continuing growth of the plants in the rain garden."
- Dan Barlich, West Allis resident
"Our experience was excellent. Everyone involved with this process was professional and extremely friendly and helpful. The plumbers were knowledgeable and easy to work with. They were able to put in the sump pump where it did not affect any finished parts of my basement."
- Lee and Jean Christofferson, West Allis residents

The City of West Allis has completed several private property projects with funding assistance through the MMSD PPI/I program.

The first project was completed in 2012 and included foundation drain disconnection (sump pump installation) and trenchless sanitary lateral rehabilitation. The project area was from W. Beloit Rd. to W. Jackson Dr. and from S. 74th St. to S. 76th St. The area has experienced surface flooding and sanitary sewer back-ups, notably in 2008. In addition to the private property rehabilitation, the City sewer located in the street was also completely replaced. The project started April 2012 and was completed in mid-August 2012. Flow monitoring since completion of the project has shown a significant reduction in sanitary sewer flows during wet weather greatly reducing the risk of basement backups in the neighborhood.

Three additional projects to disconnect foundation drains have been completed by the City in areas where basement backup risk has been the highest. In the fall of 2012, homes on S. 56th Street between W. National Avenue and the Hank Aaron State Trail were offered the opportunity to have the foundation drains disconnected with installation of a sump pump connected directly to the storm sewer through an extension from the street. This project was completed in 2013.

In 2013, foundation drain disconnects with sump pump installations were completed on participating homes on S. 57th Street between W. National Avenue and the City limits.

In 2015, the City completed an innovative project along the south side of W. Lincoln Avenue between S. 52nd Street and S. 68th Street and north of W. Oklahoma west of S. 76th Street. Homeowners were offered the opportunity to have a rain garden installed to receive the water discharged from newly installed foundation drain sump pumps. This work was completed with funding assistance from The Fund for Lake Michigan as well as the MMSD program.