Basement Connection

The Village has implemented an aggressive program to address the overloaded sanitary sewer system and lower the risk of basement backups. The program has included the installation of larger diameter pipes, rerouting of sewer mains to create more capacity, replacement of deteriorated sewer lines and the lining of sewer lines and manhole rehabilitation to reduce clearwater infiltration and inflow. The sewer main improvement projects resulted in immediate benefits to Village residents in areas with frequent and persistent basement backups.

The recent improvements are shown on the attached map.

The Village has completed extensive studies of sanitary and stormwater wet weather flows throughout the Village including televising of 95% of the public sanitary system.  Since 2011 the Village has rehabilitated 25% of the sanitary mains through replacement or cured in place pipe (CIPP) lining. While mainline work has included replacement of the sanitary lateral in the right of way, this project is the first work the Village proposes to complete exclusively on private property. 
The aggregate recommendations of the completed studies and current observations of persistent wet weather flow patterns identify three priority areas in which to initiate sanitary lateral rehabilitation through CIPP lining. 
Based on current unit cost estimates for lateral CIPP, the program will provide funding for 200 homes in 2017, and the program will be funded from the Metropolitan Milwaukee Sewer District (85%) and the Village (15%).  Public and private sides of the sanitary sewer laterals for the identified high priority 200 homes will be lined. There is no cost to the participating homeowner. 

A map of the three high priority areas is attached.

The Village intends to continue rehabilitation work throughout the project area pending future District budget Program allocations. The 2017 total project cost is estimated to be $1,200,000. 

Village Board Approval May 15, 2017
On May 15, the Village Board approved the PPII Sewer Lateral Lining Program, and passed the motion to authorize the Village Manager to proceed with the 2017 PPII sewer lateral lining program for approximately 200 properties based upon the timeliness of eligible applications. It also approved a second motion of intent to complete the lining of the sewer laterals for the remaining properties whose applications were received by the deadline, and meet the eligibility criteria, in 2018-2021 subject to the annual authorization of funding by the MMSD and Village Board.

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