KK River 6th 16th Street

6th to 16th Street Project Survey

What would bring you down to the river? Trails? Overlooks? Seating areas?

The Kinnickinnic River between S. 6th and S. 16th Streets is being redesigned into a greenway and we need your input! Take the survey below by July 11th, 2022.
To provide enough room to safely move floodwaters during heavy storms and to naturalize the river, the river corridor will be widened, and more than 4,000 feet of concrete channel lining will be removed and replaced with a natural stream design.  The appearance of the new river will be similar to the restoration in Pulaski Park. To learn more about the project watch the video below or visit the 6th-16th Street project page

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1. As part of this project, there will be a paved multi-use trail that accommodates bikes and pedestrians together. In addition to this trail, what other types of paths would you use along the greenway? (choose all that apply)


2. The majority of the KK River greenway will be needed for widening the river. With the space remaining, other than trails or paths, which additional items would you most like to see between 6th to 16th Streets? (select up to two)


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3. Even though there are limits to the types of community improvements MMSD and the City can fund and maintain for this project, there may be opportunities for other organizations to add additional improvements. Which types of additional community improvements you would like to see for the project area. (select all that apply)

4. Modrzejewski Playfield is being rebuilt by Milwaukee Recreation. Besides connecting paths to the park, are there specific features you’d like to see along the river near Modrzejewski Playfield? (select all that apply)


5. In which area do you live? (see map):

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