Jackson Park Survey 2

Jackson Park Survey

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The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) and our partners are seeking public feedback and the following survey questions target the proposed Jackson Park amenities. Join us on April 22nd at 6 pm for a virtual community meeting. 

A - Fishing

seating nodes.jpeg
B - Seating areas

wildlife viewing.jpeg
C - Wildlife viewing

personal watercraft rentals.jpeg
A - Floating fishing pier

B - Terraced steps with accessible
ramp at boathouse

seating nodes.jpeg
C - Overlook

shared use trail
A - Shared use trail

sidewalk or paved walking trail
B - Sidewalk or paved walking trail

river trail
C - River trail, accessible surface

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net climbers.png
A - Net climbers

B - Slides

C - Swings

monkey bars.png
D - Monkey bars

E - Spinners

swiggle stix.png
F - Swiggle stix

o-zone climber.png
G - O-zone climber

skyport climber.png
H - Skyport climber

A - Pickleball

B - Tennis

C - Basketball

D - Futsal

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You have 3 selected options left.

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