30th street corridor flood management basins

West Basin Project Phase 3 Survey

New West Basin Design and Survey

Here’s the new, preferred West Basin design! It includes the community’s priorities – a flexible plaza, pavilion, sledding hill, amphitheater, trails and paths, playground, and recreational areas.

These four views show the design from a closer perspective. Match the number on the view to the numbers on the overall design:

Four Perspectives

Preferred Basin Concept with labels

Thank you for the feedback you have given us so far. Your answers to the following questions will help us add the final details to the design and find partners to help fund and maintain features such as the playground, trails, and the pavilion.

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Thematic Play Example 1Thematic Play Example 2Thematic Play Example 3

Landform Play Example 1Landform Play Example 2Landform Play Example 3

Adventure Play Example 1Adventure Play Example 2Adventure Play Example 3

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Neighborhood Map

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