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West Basin Project Survey

Welcome! The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) and our partners are seeking community feedback on the West Basin flood management project. The results of this survey will help the design team develop initial design concepts for the West Basin and 35th Street improvements. The survey takes about five minutes and will be open through September 30th, 2021. Please share this survey link with friends, family, coworkers, or others in your neighborhood who might be interested in this project.

Responses are anonymous. Results of this survey will be available on MMSD’s website once the survey closes and will be presented at future project meetings.


Neighborhood Map

4. MMSD is adding public open space at the West Basin site, the former Bee Bus Lines property on North 35th Street near Lincoln Creek (see map for location). How would you access the site if you were to visit? Select all that apply. *

Community Focus Areas

The project team has identified five focus areas for design of the public space at the West Basin based on past community feedback. For each of the following focus areas, please let us know what is most important to you. This information will allow the design team to create ideas that best reflect the community’s priorities.

Community + Culture

The West Basin will be a neighborhood asset which supports community events and social activities, provides a safe place to recreate, and reflects the spirit of the community.

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Local Economy

The West Basin will improve the local economy by reducing flooding impacts to homes and businesses, spur investment in the community, and be a platform for local producers and makers.

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Health, Wellness + Safety

The West Basin will be a safe space which provides new opportunities to support the physical, mental, and spiritual health of community members.

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Transportation + Connections

The West Basin will create new connects and transportation choices by providing trails and an improved N 35th Street with slower traffic and bicycle and pedestrian accommodations.

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The West Basin project will provide direct connections to nature for an improved quality of life while improving conditions for urban wildlife.

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