Western Milwaukee Flood Control Area Map

Western Milwaukee Phase 2B Survey

Western Milwaukee Phase 2B Flood Risk Reduction Project Survey

We want to know what you think! MMSD is completing the final design for the Western Milwaukee Phase 2B Flood Risk Reduction Project. We want your input on the plants, trees, and floodwall pattern. See above for a map of the project area (click on the picture to enlarge) to reference when completing the below questions. Please complete the survey before July 31st. In early August we will share your feedback and incorporate it into the final design. 

For more information about the project visit the Western Milwaukee Phase 2B Flood Risk Reduction Project page and join us on Wednesday, July 29th at 6pm for a virtual public meeting. Click here to add the meeting to your calendar.  To join the event in progress on July 29th, please click here.

Trees and Shrubs

Trees soak up rainwater, provide habitat for birds and animals, and absorb carbon dioxide that contributes to climate change. In this project, trees can be planted far enough away from the levee so that roots do not negatively impact the ability of the levee to hold back floodwater (see map above).


Tree Size

Trees can be selected for their size and scale on the landscape- from very large to compact and small.

 large tree
 small tree


Tree Form

Trees can be selected for their growth habit (form) which can be wide and spreading; or tall and narrow.

 wide tree
 narrow tree



Shrubs can also be selected for their form, which can range from open and airy to dense and compact.

 open shrub
 compact shrub


When completed the project area will be replanted with a variety of plants to provide a home for birds, butterflies, and wildlife. The map above shows the project area with different planting zones. Since the priority of this project is to reduce the risk of flooding, there are portions of the project area where mowing will be frequent shown in bright green on the map above. We want your preference of what is planted in Zone 1 and Zone 2.


Zone 1

The north portion of the project will include over an acre of  restored vegetation, which could be designed as prairie with a wide variety of plants, or managed as a grassland.



Zone 2

Native prairies include a mix of grasses and flowers (forbs). The project will create over three acres of prairie type vegetation. 

 prairie grasses
 prairie flowers


Zone 2

Native prairie flowers provide immense value to pollinators such as butterflies and bees.

 light colored flowers
 dark colored flowers




A 1,200 foot long floodwall (a wall made of concrete that holds back floodwaters during heavy rains) will be built as part of this project.

 patterned floodwall
 plain floodwall

Stay Informed About The Project

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