concrete underneath a highway underpass

Mineral St Overpass Project

Project Update

Thank you to everyone who attended the December 4th open house for the project! If you are interested in looking at the posters of the designs for the project, you’ll find them linked in the resource section below. We will send out a notice in advance of construction which is planned for spring of 2024.

Project Overview

This project is the third to be constructed as part of the Green Highways initiative. The project will address pollution from highway runoff. A variety of green infrastructure practices could be included such as stormwater trees, rain gardens or bioswales, native plantings, and porous pavement surfacing materials.

Pollution from the Interstate Highway I-94 flows untreated into a branch of the Milwaukee River. The highway also passes over the Walkers Point neighborhood and the National Ave. business district. The long stretch of unused land under the overpass is visually unappealing and invites unwanted behavior. The Mineral and 6th St. Overpass Project will address both of these concerns.

The project has three main sections: the overpass between National Avenue. and W. Virginia Street, the area of the on and off ramps between W. Walker and W. Washington Streets, and a smaller area at W. Washington and S. 5th Streets.

Key neighborhood stakeholders and amenities border the project area. These include Arts @ Large, St. Patrick’s Congregation, the United Community Center, Walker Square Park and Playground, Acosta Middle School, Bruce Guadalupe Community, and Bruce Guadalupe Middle School.

Project Map

Project Goals:

  • Capture highway stormwater runoff to reduce pollutants entering the waterways
  • Bring visual and safety improvements to the areas under and/or adjacent to the interchange

Project Timeline

Design – 2023

Construction – 2024

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