Huntgreen FAQ

How many hunters have permission to hunt on a given site?

Greenseams does not track, nor restrict, the number of hunters that access a site at any given time. 

Can I use shotgun, bow, or rifle?

Local municipalities control the use of certain firearms within their municipal boundaries. It’s up to the hunter to determine which firearms can be used on Greenseams sites that are designated open for hunting.

Is baiting allowed?

Only where WI DNR regulations allow for it. Given that the WI DNR regulations on baiting change frequently, it’s up to the hunter to determine when and where baiting is allowed.

Are tree stands allowed?

Only if the stands or shelters are carried in and carried out. Stands and shelter are not to be left unattended or remain on site overnight. Any tree stands found unattended on a property will be confiscated.

Is this considered public or private land?

The Greenseams® properties are considered public land. 

Can I walk the properties prior to obtaining a permit?

Yes, these properties are open to the public without a permit. You only need a permit to hunt or trap on the properties. The properties are open to the public year-round for passive recreation.

Which communities require a weapons discharge permit and how do I obtain one?

To the best of our knowledge a weapons discharge permit is required for the City of Franklin and the City of Mequon. Once you submit your information to us over the website, an email is automatically sent the local police departments in those Cities indicating you have permission to hunt on the approved Greenseams properties. You will then need to obtain your weapons discharge permits from those police departments

Are trail cameras allowed?

Yes, but Greenseams is not responsible for damaged or stolen cameras.

For how long is my hunting permit in effect?

Permission is granted for a calendar year, January 1 – December 31. 

What game can be hunted on Greenseams® properties?

It is the responsibility of the hunter to determine what species or hunting seasons are applicable per State regulations.