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MMSD Runner-Up in 2019 Global Public Service Awards

01/10/20 10:24:am

(Milwaukee, WI) – Out of hundreds of nominations from all over the world, the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) scored a second place finish for its Water Drop Alert Program.

The award, from London-based Apolitical, was voted on by a team of judges and then thousands of members that follow the company.

Apolitical says it’s a company that, “…connects public servants to the ideas, people and partners they need to solve society’s hardest challenges.”

MMSD’s runner-up status in Apolitcal’s Global Public Service Awards is in the category titled: The Boring Engine Room Award, recognizing that the teams tackling the most pressing issues don’t always have the flashiest titles. Cleaning spreadsheets, updating systems, or digitizing documents may not be the most glamorous-sounding work, but it’s absolutely essential – these are the teams that get the job done.

Specifically, Apolitical issued the following reasons for MMSD’s award. “The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District was recognized for taking an innovative approach to reducing water pollution from sewer overflows by issuing a Water Drop Alert™ when large storms and heavy rains threaten the area. The MMSD has been recognized as the “gold standard” in sanitation, as Milwaukee now averages only 2.4 combined sewer overflows a year, due to a massive underground tunnel, green infrastructure, and flood-control measures.

image of runner up award for MMSD Public Service
water drop alert logo

Water Drop Alert™

The campaign asks our community to use less water when heavy rain is in the forecast to help reduce the risk of sewer overflows.

How To Sign Up:

Click on this link and follow the directions to receive a text message when a Water Drop Alert™ is issued.  
Or, text: WATERDROP to 797979. 

By using less water, you're helping reduce the amount of sewage that might end up in the environment if there is an overflow.

What Do You Do When a Water Drop Alert Is Issued? 

It's simple, try to use less water until the storm passes.

  • Hold off on washing dishes
  • Do the laundry tomorrow
  • Take a shorter shower 

When a Water Drop Alert™ is issued we will also share on our social media pages and on our weather page, acting as a reminder to use less water until the heavy rain passes.  


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