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MMSD Storm Update - April 1 thru 4, 2024

04/08/24 01:30:pm

The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) is reporting the following information to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources regarding a combined sewer overflow that occurred due to heavy rainfall from April 1 through April 4, 2024.

Milwaukee area rain gauges showing total rainfall for April 1 to 4, 2024.

Combined Sewer Overflow: 357 Million Gallons

To reduce the risk of wastewater backing up into homes and businesses, a combined sewer overflow started at 5:55 pm on April 2, 2024, and ended at 8:10 pm on April 4, 2024. The combined sewer overflow event report was provided to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

MMSD Rain gauges showed that at least 15 areas in the service area received more than two inches of rain during this time period.

One inch of rain in MMSD's service area equals 7.1 billion gallons of water.

To view a map of the impacted waters from the sewer overflow in the Greater Milwaukee area.

Steps Take to Prevent Future Discharge

MMSD's 10-year investment calls for $2.1 billion in improvements to regional water reclamation facilities and sewers to reduce the risk of overflows and basement backups. Part of that spending includes the Private Property Inflow and Infiltration Reduction Program throughout our service area. The plan also calls for additional wetland protections through MMSD's Greenseams program, which is currently at more than 5,400 acres of land that can capture and store more than 3 billion gallons of rain and melting snow.  

MMSD's Overflow Volume Since 1992:

Annual combined sewer overflows in the MMSD service area of Greater Milwaukee, WI.