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Household Chemical Drop-off at Wauwatosa City Hall September 16, 2023

09/11/23 03:00:pm

Get Rid of Household Chemicals in One Trip

There’s a FREE one-day collection for household chemicals at Wauwatosa City Hall. Make your home safer and help keep chemicals out of our rivers and Lake Michigan. Go to the drop-off at the Wauwatosa City Hall parking lot from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on September 16. Milwaukee County residents ONLY. No businesses.

map of wauwatosa city hall

Drive-Through Collection Sites Open All Year Long

If you can’t make it to the Wauwatosa event, there are three Home HazMat collection sites open all year for Milwaukee County residents. 

View locations, hours, and a complete list of items we accept.

Items You Can Bring:

Garage & Workshop


Artist’s paints and media


Auto body repair products

Automobile oil

Ballasts (without light fixture)

Battery acid

Brake fluid

Car wax, solvent-based

Contact cement

Deck strippers (wood bleach, sealers and preservatives)

Driveway sealer

Fuel additives

Fiberglass epoxy

Fluorescent light bulbs

Gasoline/oil mixtures

Gasoline and other fuels

Glue, solvent-based

Glue, water-based

Joint compound


Latex paint

Lighter fluid

Non-automotive oils

Oil filters

Oil-based paint

Paint thinner

Paint stripper

Parts cleaner

Pepper spray

Photographic chemicals

Road flares

Roofing tar

Rust remover

Sealers (wood & concrete)



Transmission fluid



Wood filler

Wood preservative


Kitchen & Bathroom

Cleaners, solvent-based


Floor care products

Hair remover

Nail polish

Nail polish remover

Oven cleaner

Mercury thermometers

Home & Garden

Aerosol cans, full

Batteries (button & rechargeable)

Dry cleaning solvent

Fertilizer (with pesticides)


Furniture polish

Metal polish, solvent-based

Insect spray

Lamp Oil

Light ballasts (W/out light fixture)



Pool chemicals

Rat poison

Shoe polish

Spot remover

Stump remover

Mercury thermostats

Weed killer

Please Do Not Bring These Items:


Compressed gas cylinders

Car batteries

Clothes dryers


Containers larger than 15 gallons


Fire Extinguishers


Marine flares

Medical Waste


Prescription drugs

Propane cylinder

Radioactive waste


Sharps / needles

Smoke detectors



Tires of any type

Washing machines

Learn More Ways You Can Help Protect Lake Michigan

Only flush the three Ps - pee, poo, toilet paper

What Can I Flush Down the Toilet? 

Any items flushed other than toilet paper can create costly clogs in your home pipes, our community sewer pipes, and our water reclamation facilities. Learn what items you should not flush down your toilet.

MMSD Water Drop Alert

Text: WATERDROP to 414-296-4422 for Española texto GOTADEAGUA a 414-296-4422

Receive Water Drop Alert text messages when heavy rain threatens the area. When a Water Drop Alert has been issued, a reminder is sent to use less water.

What do you do when an alert is issued?

  • Hold off on washing dishes and laundry
  • Take a shorter shower 
  • Empty your rain barrel
disconnect your downspout in milwaukee

Downspout Disconnection

During heavy rain, every downspout on your home can send 12 gallons of water a minute to the sewer system, which increases the risk of sewer water backing up into your basement and overflowing into our rivers and lake Michigan. Disconnect your downspout and help keep excess water out of sanitary sewers and into your yard or a rain garden.