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2021 Annual PPII Consultants Workshop

2021 Private Property Inflow and Infiltration (PPII) Consultant Workshop

This workshop is for the Designers and Municipalities who will be working on projects funded under MMSD’s PPII program. The focus of this workshop is on the review of the PPII program administration requirements and best practices for PPII design and construction.

The recording of the meeting can be watched in full by choosing the first link, or you can pick and choose which presentations you are interested in watching from the remaining list.  

Full Presentation Video

Section 01: Welcome & Program Introductions

Section 02: PPII Program Administrative and PM

Section 03: PPII Project Implementation Best Practices & Lateral Rehab Design

Section 03A: Planning for PPII Rehab Implementation

Section 03B: Public Outreach Approaches

Section 03C: Investigation & Prioritization

Section 03D: Documentation & Data Management

Section 03E: Deliverables to District

Section 03F: Design

Section 03G: New District Template Specifications

Section 03H: Bidding

Section 03I: Construction & Inspection

Section 03J: Closeout/Deliverables

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