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Presentations & Tech Memos

Presentations & Tech Memos Archive

This archive is a resource location for past presentations and tech memos that have been sponsored by MMSD and relate to PPII work. You’ll find the PowerPoint, meeting recording (if available), and any supporting technical memos under each presentation. Explore our annual meetings archive to hear past updates on the PPII program and sponsored work. To see what new workshops and presentations are coming up, check out our Training & Certifications page!

PPII Annual Meetings Archive 

2024 PPII Workshop – February 22th

2023 PPII Workshop – February 16th

2021 PPII Annual Workshop - December 16th

2021 PPII Consultants Workshop 

2020 PPII Policy 2.0 Kick Off‐Meeting 

2019 PPII Lateral Rehab Workshop

Technical Presentations and Memos Archive


PPI/I Data Management Using t4 Spatial

Presentation | Meeting Recording

Creating Impactful Surveys for PPI/I Projects

Presentation | Meeting Recording


Utilizing Data Dashboards to Analyze PPI/I Defect Database

PresentationMeeting Recording

Using Radar Data to Derive Localized Rainfall Data for I/I Studies

Presentation | Technical Memo | Meeting Recording

Distributed Temperature Sensing to Find Significant Sources of PPII

Presentation | Technical Memo | Meeting Recording

Micromonitoring: A Tool to Pinpoint I/I in Sanitary Sewers

Presentation | Technical Memo | Meeting Recording

Update on Distributed Temperature Sensing for Identifying I&I Sources

Presentation | Meeting Recording


Site-Specific Modeling Approach: Tool for Planning I/I Mitigation

Presentation | Technical Memo | Meeting Recording

Oak Creek Lateral Project: Wet Weather CCTV

Presentation | Meeting Recording


Flow Reduction from Foundation Drain Disconnect: What Have We Learned, What’s Next?

Presentation | Technical MemoMeeting Recording


Tracking Water in Basements – City of West Allis

Presentation | Meeting Recording

Sump Pump Metering Analysis

Presentation | Meeting Recording


High Groundwater Problems Menomonee Falls Project: Lessons Learned