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PPII 2.0 Policy Kickoff Meeting

First Annual Private Property Inflow and Infiltration (PPII) Meeting 12/17/20:

This year, MMSD held the first of what will become an Annual PPII meeting. These annual meetings will focus on lessons learned, Program clarifications and updates, and PPII related technical presentations eligible continuing education credits, that will be implemented for following year with the goal of improving the program and streamlining processes for all involved.

The Annual PPII 2020 meeting has two featured Speakers:

“Municipal Construction Contract Law” - Lawrie Kobza, JD - Boardman Clark LLP

“Lateral CIPP Data Collection & Evaluation with Defect Classification and Prioritization” - Mark Poppe, PE - Brown & Caldwell, Pipeline Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation Manager

The recording of the meeting can be watched in full by choosing the first link, or you can pick and choose which presentations you are interested in watching from the remaining list.  

View Entire Video

View Chapter 01: Introductions 0-0:10:37   

View Chapter 02: 2020 PPII Program Summary 0:10:37-0:24:12 Review of PPII Projects completed in 2020

View Chapter 03: Policy 2.0 0:24:12-0:44:19 Review of changes from Policy 1.0 to 2.0

View Chapter 04: PPII-R (Pipe Check) 0:44:19-1:04:18 Summary of PPII-R Program (Pipe Check) 

View Chapter 05: MMSD Legal Session 1:06:00 - 1:23:44 Changes to the MMSD/Municipality funding agreements

View Chapter 06: Contract Law 1:23:44 - 2:18:12 FEATURED PRESENTATION

View Chapter 07: Program Resources 2:18:12-2:42:00 What technical resources are available for Municipal use

View Chapter 08: Accounting 2:42:00- 2:59:00 Submittal process for reimbursement via eBuilder

View Chapter 09: CIPP Issues 2:59:00 - 3:39:43 FEATURED PRESENTATION - CIPP Lining Inspection Update

View Chapter 10: Kevin Shafer 3:39:43 - end