underpass of port of miwlaukee highway

Port Milwaukee Overpass

Project Update

MMSD and its partners will be hosting an open house for the Green Highways -- Port of Milwaukee Overpass Project. The open house will be held on June 18th from 4:00 - 7:00 at the Beulah Brinton Community Center, 2556 S. Bay St., Milwaukee.

Attendees to the open house will learn how green infrastructure practices will help manage polluted runoff from the highway, find out about the design approach and key elements for this project, and guide the planning for this project by voting for one of the three design alternatives. 

Project Overview

The Port Milwaukee Overpass Project is the fourth Green Highways project to address highway stormwater runoff. Untreated, highway stormwater runoff carries a variety of pollutants, including vehicular fluids, salts, and particulates from exhaust, tires, and pavement, to nearby waterways and Lake Michigan.

The stormwater runoff will be redirected to a variety of green infrastructure practices that will keep the stormwater on-site. Early designs note that the site lends itself well to the use of bioswales, stormwater trees, and native plants. Skillfully designed green infrastructure practices will also enhance this “gateway” to Milwaukee.

Project Map

Project Goals

  • To develop a design that addresses highway stormwater runoff through innovative green infrastructure.
  • Leverage green infrastructure design to enhance the Port’s “gateway” to Milwaukee.
  • Coordinate and collaborate with stakeholders and the community throughout the design progress to incorporate community goals.


  • Engineering Design – March 2024 – February 2025
  • Construction – May 2025 – November 2025
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    Project site looking north.

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    Slopes offer potential areas for native plantings and stormwater trees.

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    Bioswales are being considered for the median to address street runoff.


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