fall colors


"Thank you again for your donation of three rain barrels to the Milwaukee 4H Lead to Succeed group at COA. Students have already painted the barrels, and they look forward to installing them at two COA locations next week."
     - Petra, Community Connections Consulting and Manager for Lead to Succeed
"Honestly, I'm for helping the environment, but I would not have went out of my way to convert my downspout that went into the sewer into a rain barrel system if the old one had not blocked up and been flooding into my porch. The rain barrel was a cheap and easy solution and good to have for gardening too."
     - Scott
"The rain barrel is a great idea and a smart way to recycle those old pickle and olive barrels. The one I have in my backyard is working great. It has started many conversations with friends, neighbors and family members, with whom I am all too willing to expound upon the benefits of using collected rainwater for houseplants and garden flowers, as well as reducing storm water runoff. One friend went out and purchased one of his own after he saw how easy it is to set up and use. Everyone who gardens should have one (or more) of these rain barrels."
     - Jim
"I use two. I run a 10 foot hose across the patio and walk to a rain garden and tree and grass area. I use the barrel's more as a buffer tank. This keeps most of the water on my property instead of a storm sewer."
     - David
"Maybe this is obvious to everyone except for me, but raising up the barrel on cinder blocks or something makes it a lot easier to use the spigot for sprinkling cans or other containers. Other than that, it's great! It watered my garden all summer."
     - Eddie
"My rain barrel is still in use at my home. I added a downspout from the gutter in the back of my house which runs straight down to the top of the barrel. The downspout used to bang around in the wind, but I stabilized it. I have a garden house attached to the bottom spigot which I use for watering flowers. I plugged the smaller spout at the top of the barrel because it was the same height as the overflow spout. I then hooked up a sump-pump hose to the overflow spout at ran it away from the house."
     - Jason
"We are very glad we purchased a rain barrel. I can water my whole yard with a full barrel of water and you get that with one good rain. My son is a painter and we discussed spray painting the barrel next spring to make it look more attractive in the yard. This year I planted some tall grasses around it. There was a small article in one of the Sunday papers in the garden section that also suggested that if mosquitos were a problem you can purchased a repellant of some sort to hang inside the barrel. I am a firm believer in recycling-there is so much waste-so congratulations to you for coming up with a win-win!"
     - Carol