PPII Project Bid Tabs

Below is a summary of bid tabs from previous MMSD funded PPII projects for your use and reference. We recommend that you review bid tabs that are comparable to your proposed projects in relation to size, overall cost, location, and work type to create accurate and realistic cost estimates. Please note that this list is not comprehensive and does not represent every project completed through MMSD funding.

To find a bid tab, please use the search function to filter by project type, year, or municipality.

Municipality Project Year Project Info URL Project Categories
Fox Point 2021 Link Lateral Replacement - Open Cut
Milwaukee 2013 Link CIPP Lining
Dye Water Flooding or Injection
Wauwatosa 2013 Link Grouting
Bayside/River Hills 2012 Link CIPP Lining
West Milwaukee 2013 Link CIPP Lining
Franklin 2013 Link CIPP Lining
Foundation Drain Disconnect
Glendale 2012 Link CIPP Lining
City of West Allis 2012 Link Foundation Drain Disconnect
Whitefish Bay 2012 Link Investigative CCTV
Brown Deer 2018 Link CIPP Lining
Investigative CCTV
Whitefish Bay 2019 Link CIPP Lining
Brookfield 2019 Link Dye Water Flooding or Injection
Investigative CCTV